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11:05 pm - Wednesday Jun 27th, 2007

The SOLT 2007 speakers and sessions are up on the SOLT page.

12:19 pm - Saturday Jun 02nd, 2007

So, in addition to putting up yet more talks, I've also re-arranged everything to make it easier to find the talk or doc you're looking for.

09:05 pm - Thursday May 31st, 2007

I've added my presentations from Brazil and the tutorial from PGCon.

05:17 pm - Friday Mar 24th, 2006

I will be leaving Greenplum and going to Sun Microsystems on Monday.   There, I will run Sun's initiative to support and contribute to PostgreSQL.   Some Q&A:

I am not leaving the Bizgres Project:  since Bizgres Database and Bizgres Stack are open source, I expect to continue working on them at Sun.  Hopefully this will quickly mean official support for the Bizgres Project at Sun, and making it an actual multi-company project.

My primary job at Sun will be Open Source advocacy, so expect to see me at even more conferences in the future.  And maybe I'll even get time to work on the book!

GreenPlum is still a cool place to work with a great product, I just felt I couldn't pass up this opportunity.   If you are interested in doing data warehousing on PostgreSQL for a living, let them know ... they're hiring!

11:10 pm - Friday Mar 17th, 2006

 Put a new doc up, called random_agg().  Read about it on my ITToolBox Blog.